I already have two beta readers who have submitted stuff back. One has been “sucked into” the story, which is good news. Starting Jan 15th, I plan on doing all the edits, getting a finally, professional edit, and then after Katsucon, getting this book out.

I may have to forgo paying an artist for a cover due partially to financial reasons, but also, it was one of those situations where I didn’t get a lot of feedback. Artists are a temperamental lot, and sometimes could benefit from a third party who organizes them, like an agent. One of my friends is dealing with this as well in the band department.

“What do you mean you have no press kit? You don’t even have poster artwork? Dude, those head shots were taken with a cell phone camera, I can’t use those!”

Anyway, I am thinking of using the cheaper route of doing my own art, but I learned from my last book that it’s easier said than done. I think instead of drawing my own stuff, given the nature of the material, I might want to go with a Saul Bass or perhaps public domain Victorian era woodcut. Not only will this stand out from 80 billion fantasy watercolor fog washout dramatic face staring you see on most covers, but it will be super cheap. The only problem is, will is be considered Steampunk standing out on its own like that?