Upcoming and past for those “who is that clown that was onstage?” moments. Most of what I do:

– Work for my distributors and publishers: Soylent Publications and Mystic Station Designs
– Do onstage Emcee work. Currently at Katsucon, and Anime Mid Atlantic
– Do lots of talks, lectures, and panels. Currently, I do only BaltiCon, but I have been a guest/panelist at Gencon, Worldcon, Evecon, Imaginecon, Event Horizon, Castlecon, and sometimes cons I wasn’t a guest at but get suckered into panels anyway because they promised free cake.
– Podcasts. You heard me. I have been on Bomb Shelter Radio, and I can be heard on The Balticon Podcast.

I also post to the Ars Technica Forums a lot. Lot of … lot of… TL;DR posts in there. On Reddit and Twitter, I am punkwalrus.

I am done with conventions this year. See you in 2011!

May 27-30: Balticon Author, panelist, etc…
Jun 17-19: Amine Mid Atlantic Emcee, AMA Anime Awards
Jul 21-24: Comic Con San Diego – This is a very slim chance, but I will try my damnedest
Jul 29-31: Otakon Working the Katsucon Table
Aug 26-28: ConTEXT Author, panelist, weird guy in hallway blogging
Sep 2-5: DragonCon – This is a very slim chance, but I will try my damnedest
Sep 16-18: Intervention Author, panelist, weird guy barging into people’s Podcasts.