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Dear sweet Shub-Niggurath, this is going fast. I have many appearances which, truth be told, are the SAME appearances I was going to make anyway, but there you go. Not that the book is out and published, people are already buying copies. I still don’t have a Kindle version up, but that’s being worked on.

Of course, my BIGGEST thing coming up is Balticon, where I will be with Chris and Barb with their Fragile Gravity/Sledgebunny promotion. That’s in a week! YIKES! I have books, bookmarks, and all my links are working. So far, I am in 5 panels, but the Balticon schedule has not been finalized yet. Here’s a tentative (as in, may change any day) schedule:

Fri 7:00pm – Maryland Foyer – Book signing with Bud Sparhawk, Grig Larson, and Eric Schulman
Sat 9:00am – Pimlico – “Sleeping while you pretend to listen to Punkie Read” panel. 9:00am on a Saturday? Gees… 😛
Sun 6:00pm – Chesapeake – Improv Comedy Jam (with Alex White, Mark L Van Name, Roch Sigfrit, and Eric Kimball)
Mon 12:00pm – Derby – Zombie Survival Plan: Have You Got Yours?

A new episode of Fireside Meanderings is up, where Rogue and I discuss our misspent youth. What will my mother say– oh, right, she’s dead. Sorry, Mama.

I am DONE with “Stone Ice Raven,” my sort story for the new “Rush of Wings” anthology. I shouldn’t have let it go so long, but it took longer than I thought. I am pretty sure I’ll be in this anthology, but I still won’t count my chickens before they hatch hah hah hah… see what I did there?

Trolley is up next. I had two cover artists go onto better things, but my publisher and I have found a replacement. I will be editing like MAD over the next few weeks. Like a crazy person. Poor Heather! I am going to have to relive the horrors that happen to this sweet, innocent tomboy.

In my spare time, I’ll be doing Katsucon stuff. T-Mode is coming up, and I think we’re there. I might celebrate by taking a bath. Balticon has an autograph session all lined up for me, and Trolley is still set to be released that month. I will also be doing a lot of “Balticon New Media” stuff at the con, hobnobbing with authors, and generally being the usual nuisance I am during the Balticon Podcast. I am going to try for an “Eye of Argon” reading for the first time since… FanTek cons? That should be fun.

Also set for this year is “Mothership,” which is a tale of an abusive space captain and her second-in-command. I have this 40% written, and know the general plot line. I hope to have this done by Christmas.

Ugh, it’s like 1:30am and I am beat.

My desktop is fixed and being set back the way I like it. The temp box I was using at home was so slow for a GUI. It took longer to fix the box up as I had some technical issues I won’t go into on this blog, but there was a lot of hardware swapping and testing. For a few days, it looked like I’d have to get a brand new system, but thankfully, I averted that costly need with m4h m4d t3ch ski11z.

But this delay had started to thin down my buffer. Also, an anthology I have been working with, A Rush of Wings, is having some manpower issues even though it’s due to be released when MY book is to be released. Basically, we are down a few pieces and my short story, “Stone Ice Raven,” needs a little work. I really want to get this book out too, because it will be my third published piece so far this year.

I wanted to be done with my massive editing for Trolley, and my publisher is already asking me fro a blurb and a bio. I got some preliminary confirmation I will be doing an autograph session (thanks, guys, for taking care of that without me asking), and having the release party with my publisher (hooray!).

In addition to “Fireside Meanderings” I will be taking up some of the Balticon Podcasts again shortly after a seasonal delay by Dancing Cat Studios. I have a decent microphone now, and will be able to do more from home.

On top of that, I am working Katsucon and dealing with post-con planning for pre-K18. It never stops when you’re this high up, and by fall of 2011, we’ll be already working on preliminary Katsucon 19 in 2013. To give you an idea, Katsucon already has guests lined up for K18, we just don’t have signed contracts yet because we’re working on making them better, and until we have a signed statement, we can’t go, “Hey, Suzi Sakura of the Sexy Electric Mandolin will be coming to our con!”

Yes, I am a busy bee.