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When all was said and done, I did 66,262 words, for a total of 96,262 words for “Space Bitch.” I beat Sean, who dropped out at the 4k mark. He avoided me for most of AnimeUSA when I threatened to teabag him. I wanted to finish with a round 100k total, but I got sick the last two days. Plus Katsucon is looming around the corner, and I have to work on that.

Right now, we’re looking at about 105-110k words on “Space Bitch,” which is a working title and probably not the finished one. To give you a glimpse of where we are, the plot is as follows:

You have a shipping company called SUNGOD, which is a corrupt bureaucratic shipping contractor for the Vidmar Royal Galactic Enclave that covers thousands of planets and stations in hundreds of star systems. Several people are hired to handle the shipping needs of an outer territory system known as “The Verdes Mujeres,” named after the two large green stars and a dying remnants of a supernova that glow brightly in the local planetary systems’ skies. Like a frontier territory being taken over by new corporate politics, the ship’s crew consists of a strange variety of miscreants.

There’s the ship’s captain, Eliza Mortales, who is a psychotic lone wolf with little to no regard for anyone’s well being. Her first officer and chief interstellar navigator is Sarah Phulajanma, a political refugee from her father’s financial empire where she escaped slavery through arranged marriages. With them is Jennifer “Jen” Koipack, a member of a cult of perky goths who has a secret past. Along the way, Eliza kills off some crew members and random people, picks up a band of orphans, meets some old friends, and tries to wheel and deal her way through making a profit smuggling under her corporate overlords.

It’s kind of a dark comedy with political intrigue, back stabbing, secret politcal alliances, and a lot of plot twists and turns. I am having a shit ton of fun writing it.

My friend Sean has egged me into a write-off challenge, and I can’t drop what I am doing now (the working title is “Space Bitch” which may change). So…


This won’t technically be cheating. I have already written 30,000 words BUT my NaNo count starts after that so I don’t cheat on Sean. So right now, I am at 5073 words, which is 35,073 words in real life. I don’t care what anyone else thinks, it’s a me/Sean thing.

If I have a minimal win, I will have at LEAST 75,000 words by Nov 30th in total. This will be a considerable challenge because every weekend:

Nov 05-06: Working the Katsucon table at Nekocon
Nov 12-13: My birthday party weekend
Nov 19-20: Working the Katsucon table at AnimeUSA
Nov 26-27: Thanksgiving weekend, although this year, we’re at someone else’s house (yay!)

Success is by no means guaranteed. Yes, I am crazy: one writer’s block and I’m done for. But I am doing this as a challenge to my long time friend Sean, who needed someone he knew had published and got shit done. I hope he makes it to 50,000 although if that’s the case, I’ll be at 100,000 and will laugh at his puny writing.


AH HA HA !!!