Picking up where “Between the Lines” left off, this story is from a different point of view: three Gatekeepers: Harona, Donnabell, and Sad Fairy.  The small troupe of friends start their journey as they pick up a new Gatekeeper acolyte at a dance club.  But they encounter haunted spirits along the way that have started plaguing the Gatekeepers.

Since Misabel left, the Gatekeepers have been in disarray.  Motivations are circumspect as Lady Sarcastia’s methods are brought into question in the aftermath.  But more distractions are hitting them from all sides.  Who keeps letting in the murderous Soot Man?  Where are all the Shiante coming from?  Why are immortal Gatekeepers suddenly dying in record numbers?  What motivates the mysterious Harajuku?  And will the tarot deck from the blind reader reveal something far more dangerous coming their way?

Three little Gatekeepers have their work cut out for them.

Due out 2011, shortly after “Between the Lines” comes out.