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So how the writing is going

Fairly well, despite it all.

“Space B!tch” is with the final editor. I have a cover artist. We’re looking at a September-ish release for 2014.

I have submitted a few short stories.

I have been promoting “Trolley,” here and there, like at RavenCon and Balticon, with a brisk sales increase. Oddly enough, sales of my old “Punk Walrus Saga” book have been doing well as well, despite being out of print.

I’ll be hosting the Cosplay at Anime Mid Atlantic June 13-15, then taking a break in July for Camp NaNoWriMo. Then I’ll be back at Otakon, Intervention, and TCEP in August.

Somehow I managed not to offend the wrong people, and I have been invited back as a panelist and general resident wise-guy. I’ll let you know what panels and signings I shall have in a later post… probably in late April.

Meanwhile, “Space Bitch” is almost done. Right now, we’re at about 90%. I have to work on the ending a little, and then the first alpha edit will start. I don’t know if this will make it by Balticon, I have to talk with my publisher (who is out touring in Texas). I am still working on the title, and I will start working on getting some cover art after Katsucon. A sequel is already partially diagrammed out.

Everything is “after Katsucon” at this point because it’s less than 6 weeks away. That process is going smoothly. Last night Christine (my bride of almost 23 years and other co-chair) told me we’re ahead of schedule. I was at Magfest this weekend, working the table a little, Katsucon a lot, and finalizing deals and last minute updates with the Gaylord. A big crash meeting in a little over 2 weeks away! Yikes! But thankfully, I HAVE THE BEST STAFF ON THE DAMN PLANET and I am humbled and grateful to have therm work with me.

So, this Saturday I was down at AMA and did my usual emcee stint. Tiki, as always, runs a great show, and even though we were low on contestants this year (like FanTek low: 11 entrants), she managed to make it all work and none of them were “duds.” It’s true sometimes you get “duds,” like real bad acts and costumes. And you can’t say anything because, well, that’s rude. Some people work very, very hard to make stuff that is very, very awful and you can’t gamble on whether they are self aware of their lack of skill. But this last weekend, some of these skits were fucking impressive for “amateur.” One did an entire video game, complete with props and “special effects” using creative Japanese shadow play. Another did an Monty Python homage with a Pikachu keyboard and mallets. Epic. And almost everyone used a pre-made skit soundtrack which makes it easier on the audience to hear.

Sadly, mere hours before I went onstage, I found out Storm, my 13 year old cat, had suddenly and unexpectedly died. That’s what I would have classified as the exact opposite of a “pick me up.” So I didn’t think I had my A-game up there on stage, because I was trying to mange my shock and denial to deal with it AFTER the Cosplay awards, which dulled my deeper sense of humor and timing. But I was told I was really funny and multiple people not only thanked and congratulated me afterwards, but a few wanted photo ops. That’s weird, my “fame wings” are still rather new, and I am not sure how to fly. I try and take up what Danny T does, who used to me on my “Whose Katsu” Improv halftime show. Tiki later came up to me with sincere thanks and “you’re coming back next year, right?” and my thoughts have to stop thinking, “You… you actually want me BACK?” I keep feeling like it’s some big charade, and one day, someone is going to realize, “this guy SUCKS.” But until then, I am really having a lot of fun. I REALLY like the AMA attendees, they really are responsive, sweet, and like to laugh. And like Rocky Horror.

My opening number for Opening Ceremonies, “There’s Life Outside Your Hotel Room,” (a spoof on Avenue Q’s “There’s Life Outside Your Apartment”) was performed by Danny T and his crew. I took a video of it, but my iPhone won’t let me save it anywhere. I’ll work on that.

I got to hang out with fellow author, Robert Aldrich, who did Katsucon 17 opening ceremonies (and I’d like him back for 18). I also put out some bookmarks, and ALL of them disappeared pretty quickly which either means everyone likes bookmarks or someone was throwing them away in bulk as some kind of dick move. I can’t imagine the latter being likely, so I’ll assume my bookmarks are sticking hanging out in a lot of random fan’s manga. I didn’t sell any books, but I didn’t try very hard, either.

On Saturday, I will be Cosplay emcee again. I am not sure when I am arriving Friday night, but if you’re into anime and love costumes, AMA is a great convention down in Chesapeake. They usually have a few thousand people there. I won’t be at a table with my books, but I will have some with me!


No, the Kindle version is not out yet. We had to send the second edition back to the editor with formatting corrections… deja vu. Why is e-book stuff so hard?

No promises yet, but I might be making an appearance at Baltimore Comic con. I have also been tapped to be a freelance writer for a humor website. I haven’t been accepted yet, but I am in the process of talking with people and soliciting work around. It’s a big website, too, one you will have heard of.

“Mothership” outline is done. I have a beginning, middle, and ending with about 40% actually written, written. My target is still Christmas of this year.

Balticon 45 review

The good, the bad, the fantastic. All in all, GOOD SHOW GUYS! Yes, some stuff went wrong, and there were sleeping problems I had. But best Balticon for me in a long, long time (and the previous ones were pretty good as well).

Now, onto fixing the Kindle version of my book and LET’S GET PROMOTING!

I am not sure what to day except thanks to Soylent Publications, Rogue, Scarlet, Chris and Barb of Unseen LLC, Moria at Balticon Ops, and the rest of the staff at Balticon for making this convention a smashing success. I sold a lot of books, and got to meet a lot of heavies in the industry. I should have a review up shortly.

Another episode is up after a few weeks of a hiatus. Punkie and Rogue – Fireside Meanderings: jibba-jabba : Plugging and Panels and Writing, Oh My.

I have been informed, by Balticon, my permanent real schedule is coming soon. It may be different than what I posted earlier. I’ll repost it here when that becomes available.

Some people have asked me about international purchasing. Right now, I am not sure how this is going to work with Amazon.co.uk, or Amazon.de, or .fr because frankly, I thought that I’d have maybe a handful of international fans and I’d ship the books from my own house (I have copies sent here for my upcoming book signing). It seems to be available as I post this, however, from DE and FR going for roughly EUR 11-12. UK shows “out of stock.” Try that first, and if that’s not workable, read a little further.

People have asked what my “most profitable” way is to buy the book (you are very sweet, guys). Well, the hard copy on Amazon nets me the most; more than in person, and more than when the Kindle comes out. But we’re talking less than a dollar either way, so if you want the Kindle over the dead tree copy; I’m not complaining unless you download it and put it on PirateBay. Then someone let me know I’m up there so I can crap all over the comments section and say, “If you like the book, send $5.00 to my Paypal account so I can afford to write more,” or “This version is missing chapters, and the ending is not the same as the print copy!” or “How come half of it is in German?” because, really, I can’t stop piracy. I can only manage it. Honestly, though, I would be a little flattered if that happened. Pissed, but flattered. I remember a friend of mine selling my first book from her table was MORTIFIED when someone stole a copy, and offered to pay me for the whopping $5 loss. I said, “Well, my book must be good enough to make people commit crime,” I joked and declined the offer.

Friendship first. Profit last.

But *IF* you want a hard copy mailed to you; like you want it signed or live somewhere where having it shipped from Amazon isn’t conducive to you getting it (“Gewöhnlich versandfertig in 2 bis 5 Wochen??” NEEEEEIIINNN! You poor German bastards), I’ll ship anywhere if you pay for the book and shipping. You’ll have to use Paypal, but wait AFTER this Memorial Day weekend (I simply won’t have time to ship it until after that). I’ll even throw in some free crap I have lying around: my promotional bookmarks, some expired DC Rollergirl postcard promos, a Duke Nuk’em 3D CD, a stick of Big Red, a cartoon drawing of a stick figure with a sword… you never know. Or if you want to ship me a copy you got and have me ship it back, pay for the shipping. My turnaround might be laggy, though. Send me some e-mail if you’d like to have a transaction.

Note: DO NOT just send me money by Paypal. In the past, Paypal mail has kinda gotten lost, and sometimes I have no idea anyone bought one until I use Paypal to buy something, and even then… it may slip between the cracks. I’d be humiliated if someone paid for a book and never got it. I’d be all sepukku up in that.


Dear sweet Shub-Niggurath, this is going fast. I have many appearances which, truth be told, are the SAME appearances I was going to make anyway, but there you go. Not that the book is out and published, people are already buying copies. I still don’t have a Kindle version up, but that’s being worked on.

Of course, my BIGGEST thing coming up is Balticon, where I will be with Chris and Barb with their Fragile Gravity/Sledgebunny promotion. That’s in a week! YIKES! I have books, bookmarks, and all my links are working. So far, I am in 5 panels, but the Balticon schedule has not been finalized yet. Here’s a tentative (as in, may change any day) schedule:

Fri 7:00pm – Maryland Foyer – Book signing with Bud Sparhawk, Grig Larson, and Eric Schulman
Sat 9:00am – Pimlico – “Sleeping while you pretend to listen to Punkie Read” panel. 9:00am on a Saturday? Gees… 😛
Sun 6:00pm – Chesapeake – Improv Comedy Jam (with Alex White, Mark L Van Name, Roch Sigfrit, and Eric Kimball)
Mon 12:00pm – Derby – Zombie Survival Plan: Have You Got Yours?

Some people have been chomping at the bit for this. Release date is still a little sketchy, but it will be around May 25th of 2011 (in less than 2 weeks). Don’t worry, I’ll post like crazy when it’s released. So here’s three ways to get my book once that occurs:

  • In person, the book will be $15.00, plus you’ll probably get a free bookmark as supplies last. I’ll sign it for free, too, if you want. First available date is Balticon 45, at the Hunt Valley Inn in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Hard copy from Amazon.com will be distributed thought Lightning Source, Soylet Publication’s provider for on-demand printing. I believe this will be $15.95.
  • Kindle version from Amazon.com will be distributed from Amazon.com for $7.99
  • Those of my friends overseas will get it shipped by hand. Yes, that means you, Thomy. 😛 And my relatives in Sweden.

Currently we have no plans to distribute the book other ways unless we get a heavy demand. The hard copy is a fine, quality trade paperback with artwork by Christine Larson.

At Balticon, either we have a table, or we’re sharing it with Chris Impink and Barb Fischer of Unseen Productions, who also publish Fragile Gravity and Sledgebunny. >> PLUG << We’ll have special bookmarks, some candy, my publisher with be there with other titles of the Soylent line, and my assistant Scarlet will be manning the tentacle.

Yep. Final final draft submitted to publisher. All mistakes I left in are cemented for the rest of history. Oh, I’ll be doing a reading and stumble across something, and think, GAAAAAAHHHH!!! But it’s too late now. I shall suffer for the end of time.

Christine, who did my cover, noted that no artwork is ever done. Same with writing. I mean, I could tweak and edit the HELL out of this thing until everyone dies of old age and I look like one of those many writers who always “are writing a novel” and nothing ever comes of it. I mean, I published before, but this is a NOVEL, not some goofy collection of short adventures about a Punk Walrus (but believe me, I am proud of that work). May 3rd was a hard deadline.

The book is being published by Soylent Publications, via Lightning press, and will be available for the Kindle and in hard copy. A free teaser is being completed that, when it is published to Amazon.com, I will publish it here, too. I’ll give you the dedication, because I really want to thank these people.

This book is dedicated to Christine, the love of my life, and to the best and most understanding son on the planet, Christopher. I’d also like to deeply thank Chance and Scarlet, whom I love like daughters, and the best assistants I have ever had. This book would not have happened without all of you.

Anya and Rogue, thanks for holding up my lantern when things were darkest. Many thanks goes to Kory and Alison, as well as the rest of MSD, who gave me guidance and support at many conventions, as well as WTMI out of GenCon. Thanks to Bruce and Cheryl, who supported my first writing endeavor, kept me from being homeless, and told me not to quit my day job. Thank you, Suzi, for putting up with all the crap surrounding my first book; there is a spot in Goth heaven (if there is one) for you. And to the beta readers, thank you for your wisdom and edits. To the Punk Walrus fans, thanks for sticking with me, especially April, who is better than any DVD commentary.

Last but not least, I bow humbly before all the unsung heroes of fandom conventions: the volunteers who work tirelessly to to run them. They pull off some of the most amazing parties, events, and programming. Like watering holes for us struggling artists, they give us the support, late-night banter, and sage advice on how not to be a douchebag guest. It is my hope that I honor your sacrifices in sanity and vacation time during my continuing journeys among you literary carny folk.

This book was written entirely on Open Source software. OpenOffice, gedit, and NotePad++ provided a writing environment on the Ubuntu and CentOS Linux distribution. In addition, GIMP was used to do some of the graphics. Please support Linux, Open Source software, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.