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Did you know…?

In “Space B!tch,” much of the weaponry used are homages to old sci-fi weaponry:

“How did you get in here?” Sarah asked, turning her chair around. She crossed her eyes to get a good look at the gun resting a hair’s breath from her temple. “A Rojbuck XZ-38. Nice. Loaded with an improvised particle pack, I am sure.”

Except the Wallfucker. That was inspired by Johnny Dangerously.

Space B!tch is out. YAY!

Finally, amirite?  I’m not dead.  I have just been sooooo busy.

Like you can now buy the Kindle version and read it. Only $9.95. Soft cover hopefully coming out by Christmas and will probably be $15.95 like my last book.

Nobody is under any obligation to buy it, but I’d be a happy guy if you did. It’s sci-fi, dark humor. Mature, but not like porn, more like violent situations.

IF YOU WANT TO HELP ME OUT: please review the book. TELL EVERYONE. Put the review on, Goodreads, Facebook, and wherever else you can. Hell, I’ll even take Google Plus. WORD OF MOUTH IS MOST OF MY ADVERTISING. My publisher and I wish we had an ad budget, but we don’t. Same with Trolley, if you liked that. Money I get from this helps me out big time. It prevents me from taking so many spare part-time jobs, allows me to write more, and puts money in the pockets of Soylent Publications, Susan Baiman, and so on.

My reviews have been really good for “Trolley.” I have a 4.6/5.0 rating on Goodreads:

– If you buy it, please read it.
– If you read it, please review it.
– If you review it, please, please recommend to others.

Even if it sucks. I’ll take it. I can’t get any better without honest criticism. But those few who have read it already love it, and I trust their opinion.

In addition, I am creating a few short stories set in the same “universe,” having learned people love this sort of thing. I’ll probably sell them for $0.99/2.99, depending on length.

Get it here:  Space B!tch: Kindle format