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Okay, we have run into a snag with the Kindle version. I won’t go into the saucy details because that’s just how it is, but there’s going to be a crash meeting this weekend. I have set a target for Tuesday, at the latest, as a private joke about something Arsians would call “LeafyCaust.” if you don’t know what an Arsian or LeafyCaust is, don’t worry about it. 🙂

Thanks for being patient 🙂

Edit: How is it that mere minutes after I posted this, it’s one of the top search results for “Leafycaust” and “Tuesday” on Google? Damn, Google… you scary!

Wow, contrary to our previous plans, we might have the hard copy available BEFORE the Kindle. I might actually have my books by this weekend! Just in time for the Biblical Apocalypse.

I got the bookmarks in and… eh. Not as great as I would have hoped. They are a little thinner than I expected, thus the “special bookmarks” won’t happen for Balticon because the threads will tear right through the 14pt stock. We paid extra for rounded corners and got straight corners…. grrrr. Not cool. The cuts are a little rough, too, meaning the dark artwork is edged with white lint. The effect is a little cheesy. But they are giveaways, so hopefully I can give them away and get people interested. If this batch gets 6 people to buy a book, I will have covered my cost.

Beta Readers prepare red pens!

The confirmation letter to beta readers of my book, “Trolley,” has been sent out. If you requested a copy, and have not gotten the letter, let me know ASAP.

Man, my spelling! Sheesh! I will never make fun of Chance or Scarlet’s FB posts again. Talk about humbling. I ran my novel through a spellchecker, but I know it’s not perfect. One of the things I have found writing so vigorously is that I have started “muscle memory” while typing words, so I did a lot of “if” when I meant “of” and used other words that I meant to say differently, like:

What I wanted to say:
She was interested in finding a new teacher in her quest for knowledge.

What I might have typed:
The was interested in finding a new teaching in her quest from knowledge.

So embarrassing… And I can’t tell you how many times I had to fix the word “borken.” As I always say, “Spill Czech hers oar knot purr fact.” This is where my dyspraxia and dyslexia REALLY become evident.