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Not surprising, really, it was a long shot and I was stunned there was a mini campaign for me. But thanks to those to did vote for me. Now I know I had 5/932 ballots for Best novel, so I know what I am up against for the next few years. I’ll need about 200 votes to be on the ballot, and then, of course, actually winning the award.


No, I am NOT lying. I swear! I know this sounds like a gag, but, IF YOU HAVE A WORLDCON MEMBERSHIP for Chicon 7 in 2012, please vote for me. I was just contacted by one of the nominators I’m on the list. The more nominations, the better chance I have. So far, I think 3 people have nominated me. This came as quite a shock. If I get enough nominations, I get on the official ballot.


If you’re not a attending or supporting member of the Worldcons: Renovation (2011), Chicon (2102), or LoneStarCon 3 (2013), your deadline to become one is TONIGHT (the 31st) at 11:59pm. But if you already have one, nominate me by March 11th to get on the final ballot! Then, if I get that, vote for me for the award! I could REALLY use a rocketship in my living room…

The book is:

For Best Novel: Trolley Grig Larson Soylent Publications

Holy crap! I am stunned! Thanks to [anonymous] for letting me know and providing proof.