Tony Bumper was told all his life that America was his home, and when they moved back, his family and social life would become wonderful again.  But at age 14, Tony was in for a rude awakening.  Growing up overseas made him too foreign to be American, too American to be a foreigner.  He didn’t fit in anywhere, and he has just been dumped into a high school where nobody seems to want to deal with his inability to conform to their standards.

Then he meets Koko.  A strange, perky Asian girl on a mission to save lost souls, Koko dances around the establishment like a combination of ballet and Aikido.  Things start to change for the better at first, but Koko has a friend named Misabel, who is so Goth, she practically shits bats.  Psychotic and mean, Misabel and Koko fight with one another despite some kind of unknown truce and past history.

Quickly, the real world that Tony thought he knew changes when Koko teaches him how to read a strange book.  He starts to see hidden things, travel to new worlds, and follow Koko on her journey to save souls.  But as Tony starts to use his vision on Koko and Misabel, he starts to question their motives.  He’s not the only one, either.

Who is the Queen of Goths?  What motivation does the blind tarot reader have?  And how far is a journey if one does not change with it?

This is a story about destiny and taking charge.  This is about discovering the hidden between the unseen.  But above all, this is about who ones friends truly are.

Due out 2011.  I hope.