“The Saga of Punk Walrus” has been out of print for a while now.  Originally published in 1993, the publisher is no longer in business, and my last distributor, Mystic Station Designs, has stopped selling it (or anything, really).  But since that time, there have been multiple stories written, read from, and published in sporadic formats at various conventions.  This is why, “The Compleat Walrus” will be published.

Yes, I know “Compleat” is spelled funny.  That’s on purpose, and older gamer fans (or fans of Stephan M. Sechi) know why.  The book will be the final Punk Walrus book.  It will contain:

– New introduction
– New illustrations
– “The Saga of Punk Walrus” re-edited with deleted scenes added back.
– “Time for a Walrus,” the sequel finished by never published with three stories, “Punk Walrus and the Very, Very Ugly Idol,” “Punk Walrus and the Soapstone Gargolye,” and “Punk Walrus and the Magnificent Engine.”
– “Star Walrus,” the final chapter, never published.
– Assorted short stories (some new)
– A small history of the book and its oddball followers
– Other random material

I hope this to be done and out by 2013.

You can still get the old version from used book sellers on Amazon (or me in person, if I have any left): http://amzn.com/B0058P3WZM