This is my NaNoWriMo project for 2010. Follow along in November.

“Paraparanormal” came to me near the end of “Trolley.” The story has three characters:
– Lars Jackson: (pronounced “Yak-sen”) a Linux geek, anime fan, and avid gamer. Very antisocial and reluctant to be taken outside of his shell.
– Frank Griswald: a self-proclaimed paranormal investigator, Frank is the result of a lot of medical testing at a young age, and tends to be paranoid and bipolar
– Abigail “Kittenripper” Ephron: A Halakha roller derby girl who works for the Jewish “Kosher Nostra” mafia. Has yet to break it to her mother she’s a lesbian.

The plot is basically Frank runs afoul of some government project, and drags Lars into the fray trying to hide from them. They enlist the help of Abigail and her mafia connections. Hilarity ensues.