Eliza Chilihar is tired of the shipping business.  Really, really fucking tired.  Essar Thistledown, ship’s first officer, is tired of Eliza.  They have been trapped with one another since Essar was hired to keep an eye on Eliza by the shipping company, but she lacks the courage to stand up to Eliza and her constant illegal activity.  Eventually, Essar gets Eliza fired after a pirate raid goes horribly wrong.  Eliza gets Essar fired and stripped of her pilot’s license, leaving her unemployable.  So Essar kills Eliza.  Eliza returns the favor by having Essar sentenced for execution of her murder.

That’s when they get REALLY pissed at each other.

Join two desperate women as they try to sabotage and possibly kill one another, trapped together by circumstance and their own failings in the depths of interstellar space.  Follow along with a terrified crew that tries to tiptoe around a captain who has them fleeing from new enemies in a mysterious set of goals that defy reason and rational thought.  Prime directive?  Fuck that.  Diplomacy?  Done with firearms.  Do they even have a goal?  Why does the captain want people to wear quilted coats?  What does she want with the last survivor of an empire exterminated by genocide?  And why are the ship’s only two medical personnel too afraid to say anything?  What do they know?  And will Essar finally snap under the pressure and kill everyone by driving the ship into a sun? She thinks so.

This book is mean.  Don’t read it unless you are a sick fuck that likes to mentally mess with people’s heads.  Due out by Christmas 2011.