The real deal: contract, money, bio, and everything. This is the first in many, many years for a short story. As some of my longer-term fans have known, most of my stuff has been one-off projects, like some of the ghost writing I have done (almost all technical articles), some NDA stuff with a TV show, and two manuscripts that never saw the light of day BUT I was paid, which is kind of the important part, IMHO.

I think the last time anything of mine was paid for where I could claim credit (besides the Saga of Punk Walrus), were some of the works in the now defunct literary magazine, “Gateways,” and that was back about 15 years ago. This is not my first short story, I think it’s my fifth, but it’s the first since I started working in the IT field that was NOT related to “Dr. Strangesoruce: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Linux!” or something so deep into the dork forest, I was finding server clusters run on VIC 20s.

I won’t say who or what story until I get the papers signed and the green light to advertise (and believe you me, I will be advertising), but I will tell you it’s a short story collection of science fiction related to war. I am super, super pleased with this.

In other news, “Trolley” has been returned by all but one editor, and I will be making some revisions after the 15th. Then a final edit, Katsucon, then publication! I am still on target for release by Balticon 45 this year. I’d like it to be done by the end of March, but given how busy I have suddenly been with work and so on, I am glad I have that buffer.