Intervention is my friend Onezumi’s convention (I am so PROUD of her, squeeeee!).  It’s a primarily webcomics con, and I am not a web comic, so I am not a guest.  I am a paying attendee!  They can’t make me do ANYTHING!  Mwah ha ha… but I will be hanging out in my usual spots.  I mean, I could have had a table or been on some panels, but I didn’t ask, and she didn’t solicit.  I don’t have anything new to promote anyway.

This promises to be one helluva party.  I don’t have a room there, so I may not be able to be out late. because the Metro shuts down at midnight and turns back into a pumpkin or something.  I wonder if Onezumi knows what she’s in for, the underground rumblings are hinting this will be a huge blowout.  I plan to drink a lot of caffinated products, so WATCH OUT!  I will be bringing my tentacle, laptop, and who knows what else.

“Trolley” is going strong, “Mothership” is half done, and yes, I have a lot to do.