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… or editing.

I have done two more Balticon Podcasts, the one with Paulo Bacigalupi is up here. The one with Mark Van Name is coming up soon. As I listen to myself, I think I have to sound less like I am reading my own script, which is exactly what I am doing. This time around, Martha had a fever and wanted to get to sleep, so I was a little pressed for time. I found out this last time that I am better with Mountain Dew and relaxing more, and that I should do the podcast standing up. Paul Fischer said I can do a few interviews at Balticon 45 if I want, and I think I am going to give it a try for a couple of random guests (I don’t care who; all guests are equal in my eyes).

They used my Balticon (the con) bumper! Hooray!

I am going to invest in my own mic, and record from home. I have to get a mic for reading my own books, and do my own skits. Then I’ll post some of the links here, and hopefully be less stilted. I might do a few comedy podcasts, so who knows. I don’t have enough material for anything monthly, but I may do a few shows a year with skits, bullshitting, and since I’ll be traveling the cons I may do some recordings with special friends of mine who are naturally funny. My old comedy group, which barely lifted off the ground, “Strange Tea,” may be resurrected in another form, but I have been thinking on renaming it, “Drinking Tea with Weird Gods,” based on a similar line from Douglas Adams’ “The Restaurant at the End of the Universe” where he described the works of “Great Circling poets of Arium:”

“The first part of each song would tell how there once went forth from the City of Vassillian a party of five sage princes with for horses. The princes, who are of course brave, noble, and wise, travel widely in distant lands, fight giant ogres, pursue exotic philosophies, take tea with weird gods and rescue beautiful monsters from ravening princesses before finally announcing that they have achieved enlightenment and that their wanderings are therefore accomplished. The second, and much longer, part of each song would then tell of all their bickerings about which one of them is going to have to walk back.”

But apart from that, my main draw away from creative projects has been Katsucon, where I am vice-chair and a member of the KEI board along with Christine. We both work under Paul, and have two directors positions as well. Christine is Head of Guest Relations, and I am in charge of Main Events (like Cosplay, Super Art Fight, the Dances, Anime Music Videos, the Japanese Band we’re getting, and so on). This involves a lot of mail, calling, hotel visits, and wrangling of dedicated department heads (and I love them all, they are very awesome and hard working folk). Not to mention security for said events. And work has been busy, too. Not a lot of free time to do stuff as it was in September/October which is GOOD for the company (and thus, me) but not so much for non-work related projects.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to be a paid author and eventually make a living from it. But for right now, I have to wisely invest money and time.

Lot of balls in the air to juggle. But I am still on target for December Beta readers of Trolley, even if I have to drop the NaNoWrioMo Ball. 😦

I got real busy, so as you can see my word count stalled at 4251 or something. I hope to leap ahead this coming weekend.

Tonight I will be at Dancing Cat Studios, recording two more episodes of the Balticon Podcast. On the docket for release are interviews with Paolo Bacigalupi and Mark Van Name. You might remember Mark and I were on the “Liars Panel” at the last Balticon, where he told the story of having his nose humped by a cat. He also tells of this during the interview, unless Paul cuts that part out (I have only heard the raw feed of the interview).

Well, it seems that Bomb Shelter Radio did set up, but in lack of a suitable network connection (since all the mobile service was down for everyone dur to immense traffic, including EMTs and the press) forced them to record locally and then post later. We weren’t the only ones that couldn’t reach them as they did turn the Press area into a VIP section, which scattered the press all over the place. CNN and CSPAN were *way* back, for example.

I have just been informed that the Balticon podcasts are now back in order at the recording studio after a break, so I will be in the studio again Thursday to record two new episodes, which should be up next week.

NaNoWriMo has crashed, but “Paraparanormal” is at 3549 words already (not including the outline). w00t!

So, Rogue and I went down to the Mall and we tried so hard to find BSR, but the crowds were too massive. So we went back to her studio and made a podcast about it.

Hear our witty banter!

As FAR AS I KNOW there was no actual BSR podcast. Their site never had a link, and I still haven’t heard from everyone, but communications are down in DC due to network traffic, so I may not hear from anyone until tomorrow.

I am going to do Paraparanormal. Why? Well, apart from an outline, I haven’t really started writing it yet. I figure this book may only have 50,000 words in it and GOSH DARNIT, NANOWRIMO IS FUN! I love fellow authors, and this marathon is too good to miss. Yes, I’m busy editing “Trolley.” Yes I have Katsucon, three birthdays (including my own), work, podcasts, and other issues.


Also, truth be told, I had a dream last night that I should do this. Like, ghostly visions of the story and me finishing it. Sadly, none of these visions involved me sitting on sacks of money with $ signs on them, smoking a fat cigar, and going, “Yeaaaah ha ha!” But here’s my info:

Punk Walrus on NaNoWriMo

I am having serious issues with my NaNoWriMo account, however. Like, it won’t accept my password, but it lets me log in when it is reset, and then it won’t let me log in after I log out. Their help says to clear my cache, history, and cookies, but that’s not working. So I updated my account during one of these moments and I didn’t log out. Let’s see how long that takes before it fails.

BTW: The Balticon Podcasts are on hold because Paul got busy.

It’s all set. I will be on Bomb Shelter Radio during the “Rally to Restore Sanity” this weekend on the DC/Smithsonian Mall, which means that Illya Kuryakin got power hooked up with the press corps or Comedy Central. I am not sure what I’ll do, since I’ll be with other people on the broadcast, but stop by and say hello to me and the other guests. I may be in a tent. I have no idea, but I’ll be there 11-4. If you can’t make it, you can join in on the BSR AOL Chat room linked to on the left pane of the BSR web site (WordPress won’t let me directly link to it).

Weather looks nice (partly cloudy, in the 60s). I expect a huge turnout.

I am taking a break from writing for a few days. Yesterday, I had a flame-out because I just wrote so much, so intensely, and it was all really kind of disturbing. I had to take a mental health break. But I think I’ll be writing again this weekend, and maybe cross 85k unless I decided to go into “slash and burn” edit mode again. The big news is I have started to go ahead and start looking for potential cover art. I have a few artist friends to choose from, but I want to get the feel right. A webcomic artist would be better for a Punk Walrus story for example, but not so much for dramatic steampunk horror. While researching one person, another popped up. I am glad to give some of my fellow artists work. I can’t draw worth squat, as evidence by my last Punk Walrus book. I also got three potential Beta readers.

Balticon Podcasts are on hold. I have written for episode 44.96, and I am awaiting 44.97, but Paul has had some “lifetus interruptus” that has prevented a meetup for recording, or him composing a new interview. He’s also trying to work out details with two other people to do intros for him, so we’ll have a more well-rounded team.

Tonight, I’ll be at SuperArtFight in downtown Baltimore where I’ll be cheering along Chris Impink along with a bunch of friends.

OooOooOOooh! I am “an icon of DC area fandom.” Why, shucks! 😀

Oh, wait. I am also the “fiber” of the podcast. I make you poo.

Fair ’nuff.

I might have crossed 50k last night, but I had to do a lot of cutting. I had some scenes that were superfluous, or didn’t really go anywhere or add anything to the plot or imagery. One of the things I have to be careful of is not to overdraw my world like I am some Game Master boring his players. Last thing my readers want to see was a paragraph or two about how delicately quilted a stagecoach seat is. I also did lot of this:

Chapter 5: I need to finally explain about this group of famous people that play heavily in the story.
Chapter 2: You already did.
Chapter 5: Oh, I had forgotten. I am now several paragraphs shorter.
Chapter 2: And lost about half an hour of writing time making a redundant premise.
Chapter 5: Shut up.

According to Wikipedia, I cease becoming a novella at around 50k words. I’d say that this will be done at about 100-150k, and I feel like I am about a third of the way through.

Also, I got to hear the Balticon Podcast I am in (episode 44.95, up any day now). Paul did a really good job making me sound better and more professional. I can hear some of my mistakes; I need to stop being so intense and relax. You can hear I have recent asthma issues. I have written the stuff for 44.96 (with Paulo Bacigalupi), and I will get the interview for 44.97 tonight. Hopefully, Paul and I can get the podcast back on a 2-week cycle. He’s got like 50-60 hours worth of interviews in the can spanning back to Balticon 41, which is about 4 years at this point. He’s also gotten an offer of assistance from two other Podcasters, so it won’t just be me and him.

I have to say, some of these interviews are really, really good. Not only does Paul (Fischer) ask some useful questions, but some of the writers he interviews have excellent advice and anecdotes. They are very helpful for anyone aspiring to be an author.

I have to add, though, I hope he doesn’t interview another person named Paul for a while. Last week, it was Paul Melko, this week Paulo Bacigalupi. I hate having to say which Paul I am talking about in a post.

Balticon Podcast 44.95 done

So I wrote and recorded my intros and bumpers at the lovely Dancing Cat studios, where I was wined and dined by the lovely Paul and Martha. I was also entertained by ERF, who told me, repeatedly, that she was eating with her own fork. I am not an expert in fork use, but I think she did better than some gamers I have met.

I learned some things. First, I hate the sound of my own voice. Actually, I already knew that, but I had forgotten. Other people seem to like my voice and constantly suggest I do voiceover or announcing work for radio. When I point out I do emcee work, they pause, looked a little uncomfortable, and say, “I mean… RADIO work. Where people can’t see your face.” [rim shot] No, they don’t ever say that last part, at least to my face, because it has been known to scare off livestock. [laugh track] But seriously folks, try the buffet. The second thing I learned was that I need to supply my own Mountain Dew and water. Possibly throat lozenges. The third thing I learned, and I forgot this from my Rocky Horror days, take a few hits on my Albuterol before I do long voice work. Even though I recorded maybe 5-10 minutes at most, I was winded from projecting my voice clearly. Mumbling saves a lot of breath, apparently.

The Podcast will be up in a couple of days. Also, I did some voice bumpers using AT&T automated IVR from the “Indian English Tech Support” package (“Anjali v2,” for those who have access to that package). I hope Paul uses some of those.