So, I just did some major re-write of Chapter 13 of 29, and wondering how much I should chop off. I got some spiritual crap in there, and while it adds to the character building and motivation later on, it slows the story down a lot. Like:

BANG BASH HAHA POW BOOM… … and now let’s talk about the history of the agriculture in northern Europe… no, no, let us wait for everyone to arrive… cucumber and watercress sandwiches, anyone? No…? YEAHAA DEATH PKWSHHH!

So I have to work on that. Found my first major contradiction, but it’s easily fixed as I delete a sub-plot it was tied to.

But I’m moving ahead. This leads to one of the next questions, “what’s gonna happen in 2013?” Well, I have a lot of choices.

  1. Finish the Tony Bumper Saga. I already have 90% of book 1, and 95% of book 2 already written. Lazy me.
  2. Write/publish the sequel to “Space Bitch.”
  3. Publish some “Punk Walrus stories” digitally, like $2.99 one-off novellas.
  4. Something else
  5. Something other than else.