Or 40,018 in real life. NaNoWriMo says at this rate, I should be at 50k words by the 9th. HAH.

There’s Neko. Today will probably be the last day I can write. I have work tonight, then a half-day tomorrow to get ready for Neko, and then Nekocon itself. I return Sunday night, and I doubt I’ll be writing. I’ll have about 4 days to write then. Then my birthday weekend. Then another 4 days until Anime USA! Then another few days, and then Thanksgiving weekend which will probably give me a few days here and there.

So Sean could still easily overtake me. I doubt I will keep doing about 5000 words a day, because that’s pretty good for me, and it’s easy now that the story is flowing. Once I get to a crossroads or a plot move, however, it may not be so easy. One of those, “where is this plot going? I must know, I am the author!” The best I can figure, if I did 5000 words per day I can write, is crossing the 50k mark right before AnimeUSA, where I will meet with Sean (he works their security) and shame him. That’s the BEST scenario. Realistically, I think I will be like most NaNoWriMo writers, feverishly stretching for the finish line Nov 30th.

But even if I don’t make that and Sean leaves me bobbing in his wake, this will propel my next book something fierce. Plus Sean will be exercising his writing muscles. Of course, as Trolley taught me, I need a really, really decent editor. A team of free editors (we’re talking 6 people, some who do it for a living) didn’t catch a lot of big mistakes. I can’t honestly say a single, expensive editor will, either. I’ll be mad if he or she doesn’t, but… that’s up to my publisher.

In any case, as long as I don’t have some horrible crisis in my life, I might release this by Balticon (again).