My friend Sean has egged me into a write-off challenge, and I can’t drop what I am doing now (the working title is “Space Bitch” which may change). So…

This won’t technically be cheating. I have already written 30,000 words BUT my NaNo count starts after that so I don’t cheat on Sean. So right now, I am at 5073 words, which is 35,073 words in real life. I don’t care what anyone else thinks, it’s a me/Sean thing.

If I have a minimal win, I will have at LEAST 75,000 words by Nov 30th in total. This will be a considerable challenge because every weekend:

Nov 05-06: Working the Katsucon table at Nekocon
Nov 12-13: My birthday party weekend
Nov 19-20: Working the Katsucon table at AnimeUSA
Nov 26-27: Thanksgiving weekend, although this year, we’re at someone else’s house (yay!)

Success is by no means guaranteed. Yes, I am crazy: one writer’s block and I’m done for. But I am doing this as a challenge to my long time friend Sean, who needed someone he knew had published and got shit done. I hope he makes it to 50,000 although if that’s the case, I’ll be at 100,000 and will laugh at his puny writing.


AH HA HA !!!