Well, the e-book thing is still volleying back and forth. Last edit had all kinds of things likelotsofrunonsentences and everythingin italics bled together. I was able to hand fix a lot of mistakes made BY the guy who we hired to format it, but I was unable to get the mobi format to work right. So back to the e-book guy it went. If anything can be gained by this, it’s my sudden intimate knowledge of the epub format. It’s actually quite decently laid out, and can be both flexible and simple.

But not for the Kindle. 😦

I have also noticed, when downloading Kindle books, how many mistakes get through from professional publishers. I am not sure if that makes me feel better, but I can now relate and understand some of the problems they might have. Still, while I am no perfect speller, I do not have a team of people I pay to check these things like a major publisher SHOULD. Here’s some things I have found.

  • Inconsistent justification. Not only do they switch from center to left, but “full-justified” to “non-justified” and hyphenation abuse is appalling
  • Chapter endings/beginnings not on separate pages. Might as well have a PDF, Kindle.
  • Graphics like plates, maps, and diagrams need to be more scalable. This is especially true with books on networks. Some of the tech manuals are almost unreadable because the fonts are teeny-tiny and can’t be made bigger.
  • Missing graphics. Again, usually tech stuff. “In diagram 13.2 we see…” No. I don’t. Someone missed that between 13.1 and 13.5. Where is 13.3 or 4, for that matter?
  • Sloppy formatting where italics continue for the rest of the paragrah. Like someone forgot to put at the end of a line.

So there it stands. In other news, I got a mail back from the people at Wolfsinger. They have a selection of covers for the new anthology I am in, and wanted comments. I was probably too honest. But the proofs of the book are promised shortly. I will let you know when “A Taste of Armageddon” comes out.