On Saturday, I will be Cosplay emcee again. I am not sure when I am arriving Friday night, but if you’re into anime and love costumes, AMA is a great convention down in Chesapeake. They usually have a few thousand people there. I won’t be at a table with my books, but I will have some with me!


No, the Kindle version is not out yet. We had to send the second edition back to the editor with formatting corrections… deja vu. Why is e-book stuff so hard?

No promises yet, but I might be making an appearance at Baltimore Comic con. I have also been tapped to be a freelance writer for a humor website. I haven’t been accepted yet, but I am in the process of talking with people and soliciting work around. It’s a big website, too, one you will have heard of.

“Mothership” outline is done. I have a beginning, middle, and ending with about 40% actually written, written. My target is still Christmas of this year.