Another episode is up after a few weeks of a hiatus. Punkie and Rogue – Fireside Meanderings: jibba-jabba : Plugging and Panels and Writing, Oh My.

I have been informed, by Balticon, my permanent real schedule is coming soon. It may be different than what I posted earlier. I’ll repost it here when that becomes available.

Some people have asked me about international purchasing. Right now, I am not sure how this is going to work with, or, or .fr because frankly, I thought that I’d have maybe a handful of international fans and I’d ship the books from my own house (I have copies sent here for my upcoming book signing). It seems to be available as I post this, however, from DE and FR going for roughly EUR 11-12. UK shows “out of stock.” Try that first, and if that’s not workable, read a little further.

People have asked what my “most profitable” way is to buy the book (you are very sweet, guys). Well, the hard copy on Amazon nets me the most; more than in person, and more than when the Kindle comes out. But we’re talking less than a dollar either way, so if you want the Kindle over the dead tree copy; I’m not complaining unless you download it and put it on PirateBay. Then someone let me know I’m up there so I can crap all over the comments section and say, “If you like the book, send $5.00 to my Paypal account so I can afford to write more,” or “This version is missing chapters, and the ending is not the same as the print copy!” or “How come half of it is in German?” because, really, I can’t stop piracy. I can only manage it. Honestly, though, I would be a little flattered if that happened. Pissed, but flattered. I remember a friend of mine selling my first book from her table was MORTIFIED when someone stole a copy, and offered to pay me for the whopping $5 loss. I said, “Well, my book must be good enough to make people commit crime,” I joked and declined the offer.

Friendship first. Profit last.

But *IF* you want a hard copy mailed to you; like you want it signed or live somewhere where having it shipped from Amazon isn’t conducive to you getting it (“Gewöhnlich versandfertig in 2 bis 5 Wochen??” NEEEEEIIINNN! You poor German bastards), I’ll ship anywhere if you pay for the book and shipping. You’ll have to use Paypal, but wait AFTER this Memorial Day weekend (I simply won’t have time to ship it until after that). I’ll even throw in some free crap I have lying around: my promotional bookmarks, some expired DC Rollergirl postcard promos, a Duke Nuk’em 3D CD, a stick of Big Red, a cartoon drawing of a stick figure with a sword… you never know. Or if you want to ship me a copy you got and have me ship it back, pay for the shipping. My turnaround might be laggy, though. Send me some e-mail if you’d like to have a transaction.

Note: DO NOT just send me money by Paypal. In the past, Paypal mail has kinda gotten lost, and sometimes I have no idea anyone bought one until I use Paypal to buy something, and even then… it may slip between the cracks. I’d be humiliated if someone paid for a book and never got it. I’d be all sepukku up in that.