Dear sweet Shub-Niggurath, this is going fast. I have many appearances which, truth be told, are the SAME appearances I was going to make anyway, but there you go. Not that the book is out and published, people are already buying copies. I still don’t have a Kindle version up, but that’s being worked on.

Of course, my BIGGEST thing coming up is Balticon, where I will be with Chris and Barb with their Fragile Gravity/Sledgebunny promotion. That’s in a week! YIKES! I have books, bookmarks, and all my links are working. So far, I am in 5 panels, but the Balticon schedule has not been finalized yet. Here’s a tentative (as in, may change any day) schedule:

Fri 7:00pm – Maryland Foyer – Book signing with Bud Sparhawk, Grig Larson, and Eric Schulman
Sat 9:00am – Pimlico – “Sleeping while you pretend to listen to Punkie Read” panel. 9:00am on a Saturday? Gees… 😛
Sun 6:00pm – Chesapeake – Improv Comedy Jam (with Alex White, Mark L Van Name, Roch Sigfrit, and Eric Kimball)
Mon 12:00pm – Derby – Zombie Survival Plan: Have You Got Yours?