Some people have been chomping at the bit for this. Release date is still a little sketchy, but it will be around May 25th of 2011 (in less than 2 weeks). Don’t worry, I’ll post like crazy when it’s released. So here’s three ways to get my book once that occurs:

  • In person, the book will be $15.00, plus you’ll probably get a free bookmark as supplies last. I’ll sign it for free, too, if you want. First available date is Balticon 45, at the Hunt Valley Inn in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Hard copy from will be distributed thought Lightning Source, Soylet Publication’s provider for on-demand printing. I believe this will be $15.95.
  • Kindle version from will be distributed from for $7.99
  • Those of my friends overseas will get it shipped by hand. Yes, that means you, Thomy. 😛 And my relatives in Sweden.

Currently we have no plans to distribute the book other ways unless we get a heavy demand. The hard copy is a fine, quality trade paperback with artwork by Christine Larson.

At Balticon, either we have a table, or we’re sharing it with Chris Impink and Barb Fischer of Unseen Productions, who also publish Fragile Gravity and Sledgebunny. >> PLUG << We’ll have special bookmarks, some candy, my publisher with be there with other titles of the Soylent line, and my assistant Scarlet will be manning the tentacle.