Some of my promo material is arriving.

– Galley copy of book due Friday. If it looks good, we should have books BEFORE Balticon (pray for us!)
– Kindle may be out next week depending on time we have this weekend. There has been a formatting problem (isn’t there always?) but this should be resolved. But a Kindle version WILL be out before Balticon.
– Bookmarks shipped, pieces for table crafts shipped
– Probably no promo postcards due to an art issue this con
– Have room and ride to Balticon
– Have signing time

My book signing will happen (as of this post, please check schedule on Thu before the con) on Friday, the 27th at 7:00pm in “the Maryland Foyer” of the Hunt Valley Inn Hotel. I’ll be with Bud Sparhawk and Eric Schulman, where we’ll fight for attention from our fans to the death.

My bookmarks