Yep. Final final draft submitted to publisher. All mistakes I left in are cemented for the rest of history. Oh, I’ll be doing a reading and stumble across something, and think, GAAAAAAHHHH!!! But it’s too late now. I shall suffer for the end of time.

Christine, who did my cover, noted that no artwork is ever done. Same with writing. I mean, I could tweak and edit the HELL out of this thing until everyone dies of old age and I look like one of those many writers who always “are writing a novel” and nothing ever comes of it. I mean, I published before, but this is a NOVEL, not some goofy collection of short adventures about a Punk Walrus (but believe me, I am proud of that work). May 3rd was a hard deadline.

The book is being published by Soylent Publications, via Lightning press, and will be available for the Kindle and in hard copy. A free teaser is being completed that, when it is published to, I will publish it here, too. I’ll give you the dedication, because I really want to thank these people.

This book is dedicated to Christine, the love of my life, and to the best and most understanding son on the planet, Christopher. I’d also like to deeply thank Chance and Scarlet, whom I love like daughters, and the best assistants I have ever had. This book would not have happened without all of you.

Anya and Rogue, thanks for holding up my lantern when things were darkest. Many thanks goes to Kory and Alison, as well as the rest of MSD, who gave me guidance and support at many conventions, as well as WTMI out of GenCon. Thanks to Bruce and Cheryl, who supported my first writing endeavor, kept me from being homeless, and told me not to quit my day job. Thank you, Suzi, for putting up with all the crap surrounding my first book; there is a spot in Goth heaven (if there is one) for you. And to the beta readers, thank you for your wisdom and edits. To the Punk Walrus fans, thanks for sticking with me, especially April, who is better than any DVD commentary.

Last but not least, I bow humbly before all the unsung heroes of fandom conventions: the volunteers who work tirelessly to to run them. They pull off some of the most amazing parties, events, and programming. Like watering holes for us struggling artists, they give us the support, late-night banter, and sage advice on how not to be a douchebag guest. It is my hope that I honor your sacrifices in sanity and vacation time during my continuing journeys among you literary carny folk.

This book was written entirely on Open Source software. OpenOffice, gedit, and NotePad++ provided a writing environment on the Ubuntu and CentOS Linux distribution. In addition, GIMP was used to do some of the graphics. Please support Linux, Open Source software, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.