Colonel Sandurz: Prepare ship for light speed.
Dark Helmet: No, no, no, light speed is too slow.
Colonel Sandurz: Light speed, too slow?
Dark Helmet: Yes, we’re gonna have to go right to ludicrous speed.

Final edits are done, pending my approval (last chance to change small things!). Artwork for the cover is almost done (art done, text done… they just have to be assembled). Bio written, cover blurb written, fonts picked out, prices selected, and the first assemblage of the book will be ready by May 3rd. Then there’s formatting, submission, and publication. We’re still on target for Balticon. Kindle version will most likely come out before printed. I don’t know if I am allowed to publish the prices yet, but they are fair for the quality. First “freebie teaser” story in beta format.

My publisher is very pleased!

Barf: What the hell was that?
Lonestar: Spaceball 1.
Barf: They’ve gone to plaid!