Home stretch here. I am halfway done on edit number 3 of 5, where 3 was a BIG one. The last two are final cleanup and then off to the publisher, who is away this week. The 4th edit is where I read it aloud to myself. I found when I did book readings before, I *always* found mistakes. Even plot problems, like I’d be in mid-read and think, “Wait… didn’t I say that character was from Pittsburgh? Why is she from New Jersey now?” It might be a small detail, and no one else might find it, but *I* care. This should all be done in a couple of days.

I have a room at Balticon, thanks to Moria, and unless my assistant has some school issues, she’s coming as well (yay!). Scarlet is good luck; it’s always beneficial to have her around. She also works hard, and will probably help me sell more books. I was going to say “help us,” but my book is the only one being released by Soylent Publications at Balticon. There was supposed to be anthology, “Rush of Wings,” (which had my short story, “Stone Ice Raven,” in it) but various work and life issues trapped the people in charge, and we didn’t get as many submissions as we needed. It may still be released this year.