Trolley is coming along (hurr hurr), and while the editing has been touch-and-go, I am pleased with it so far. Still on target for Balticon, but it’s gonna be closer than I am comfortable with. I have a cover artist, and I am going to have a signed contract (I hope) by the end of this month.

“Rush of Wings” was delayed due to lack of submissions, which means my short story from that won’t make it to Balticon. I haven’t gotten news on when “A Taste of Armageddon” will be available, either.

I have determined that “Mothership” will be my second piece, and due out for the Christmas rush.

I am also in some preliminary panels for Balticon, along with a book signing. No new Balticon Podcasts yet.

A new episode of Fireside Meanderings is up with me and Rogue. It’s more tales from the cons past!