A new episode of Fireside Meanderings is up, where Rogue and I discuss our misspent youth. What will my mother say– oh, right, she’s dead. Sorry, Mama.

I am DONE with “Stone Ice Raven,” my sort story for the new “Rush of Wings” anthology. I shouldn’t have let it go so long, but it took longer than I thought. I am pretty sure I’ll be in this anthology, but I still won’t count my chickens before they hatch hah hah hah… see what I did there?

Trolley is up next. I had two cover artists go onto better things, but my publisher and I have found a replacement. I will be editing like MAD over the next few weeks. Like a crazy person. Poor Heather! I am going to have to relive the horrors that happen to this sweet, innocent tomboy.

In my spare time, I’ll be doing Katsucon stuff. T-Mode is coming up, and I think we’re there. I might celebrate by taking a bath. Balticon has an autograph session all lined up for me, and Trolley is still set to be released that month. I will also be doing a lot of “Balticon New Media” stuff at the con, hobnobbing with authors, and generally being the usual nuisance I am during the Balticon Podcast. I am going to try for an “Eye of Argon” reading for the first time since… FanTek cons? That should be fun.

Also set for this year is “Mothership,” which is a tale of an abusive space captain and her second-in-command. I have this 40% written, and know the general plot line. I hope to have this done by Christmas.

Ugh, it’s like 1:30am and I am beat.