Katsucon has my attention, obviously. Not only am I one of the vice chairs, but as of last month, I am co-chair (along with my wife) for the next two Katsucons. Yep, yours truly will be in charge of K18 and 19, assuming I don’t go mad with power and do something so stupid, I get thrown out. Paul is having a second child and stepping down after this year. Keith is still in Australia.

Man, I know you don’t read this to hear about some dumb anime con, but if you are, you should see what we have in store. Holy Hell, it’s going to be super-awesome-lucky-fun-time. With a cherry and plum sauce.

All my beta readers have reported in, and the consensus is “needs some serious grammar and spelling editing, but looks gripping and awesome.” WHEW! The former I knew, and the latter was making me nervous. But some also said that I should “take this to a serious publisher” and I have something to say about that in the next post.

After Katsucon, I will be seriously editing the work, and then my publisher is going to be drafting the contract. The other anthology (not the “Armageddon” one) that accepted my work is in hiatus due to a herding cats issue. Still on target for Balticon!