The date has not been announced yet, but I sent in my final contract stuff. My story is “Butterfly Dreams” and will be in anthology called, “A Taste of Armageddon.” The collection of short stories will be about war, “but not preachy about war,” because the publisher wanted different sci-fi and fantasy perspectives on war that weren’t the same “war is bad” that covers a lot of the literary landscape. I think it’s coming out early summer. It would be nice to come out before Balticon, but hey.

I have been confirmed as a guest again at Balticon, but this time from a staff angle as well because of the Balticon Podcast. I have done three podcasts with them so far, and will be doing some interviews, I think, at the con. Paul at Dancing Cat has been under the weather recently, so production has stopped again until he gets his life and health back in order. Family always comes first.

I am really excited about “Trolley.” I promised I wouldn’t start the final edit until I heard from the last beta-reader.