The confirmation letter to beta readers of my book, “Trolley,” has been sent out. If you requested a copy, and have not gotten the letter, let me know ASAP.

Man, my spelling! Sheesh! I will never make fun of Chance or Scarlet’s FB posts again. Talk about humbling. I ran my novel through a spellchecker, but I know it’s not perfect. One of the things I have found writing so vigorously is that I have started “muscle memory” while typing words, so I did a lot of “if” when I meant “of” and used other words that I meant to say differently, like:

What I wanted to say:
She was interested in finding a new teacher in her quest for knowledge.

What I might have typed:
The was interested in finding a new teaching in her quest from knowledge.

So embarrassing… And I can’t tell you how many times I had to fix the word “borken.” As I always say, “Spill Czech hers oar knot purr fact.” This is where my dyspraxia and dyslexia REALLY become evident.