A multitude of things happened that shot this bird before it got to steady flight.

  • Work. After all, that’s what they pay me for.
  • Katsucon. They don’t pay me, but I work for them anyway. There were two major cons, Nekocon and AnimeUSA. I worked at AnimeUSA, which unclogged a lot of stuff I was waiting on for my own staff (Main Events). This started a floodgate release of backlogged work, and I couldn’t exactly go, “Sorry, writing a novel for an entire month…” There have also been many Skype and hotel meetings as well.
  • I had to plan for two birthday parties at my house and a Thanksgiving, which involves a lot of housework, cooking, and cleaning.
  • I got sick (just a bad cold, fever that won’t go away) and lost a filling
  • Three episodes of major life suckage (so far) I won’t go into in public where essentially, I was forced to be “the bad guy.” I lost at least once.
  • Other writing priorities, like the Balticon Podcast.
  • I had to help out a good friend in a major crisis. Essentially, her whole life was falling apart, and I am helping her through it.
  • I am editing Trolley, which takes up everything else

I’m not dead.