I am going to do Paraparanormal. Why? Well, apart from an outline, I haven’t really started writing it yet. I figure this book may only have 50,000 words in it and GOSH DARNIT, NANOWRIMO IS FUN! I love fellow authors, and this marathon is too good to miss. Yes, I’m busy editing “Trolley.” Yes I have Katsucon, three birthdays (including my own), work, podcasts, and other issues.


Also, truth be told, I had a dream last night that I should do this. Like, ghostly visions of the story and me finishing it. Sadly, none of these visions involved me sitting on sacks of money with $ signs on them, smoking a fat cigar, and going, “Yeaaaah ha ha!” But here’s my info:

Punk Walrus on NaNoWriMo

I am having serious issues with my NaNoWriMo account, however. Like, it won’t accept my password, but it lets me log in when it is reset, and then it won’t let me log in after I log out. Their help says to clear my cache, history, and cookies, but that’s not working. So I updated my account during one of these moments and I didn’t log out. Let’s see how long that takes before it fails.

BTW: The Balticon Podcasts are on hold because Paul got busy.