Well, then end is done.

It’s one of those ends I am not completely sold on. You ever listen to a symphony and then you think it’s the end based on the measure, only to find out it goes on for another minute? THEN you think it ends, but then it goes on just once more before it finally ends? Well, that’s what’s happened. So I am not sure if I will keep the end in its present form, as I think some if it is superfluous and waters down any impact I was trying for. So I have ending A,B, and C which are strung together.

1. If I eliminate B & C, it ends far too abruptly, and I wouldn’t blame my readers for chasing me with torches and pitchforks for all that wasted time.
2. If I just eliminate C, then it ends on a kind of sharp unresolved cliff.
3. If I keep B & C, (as it is now) it kind of drags on.

The ideal thing is to figure out how to end at B without the cliff. C was planned as sort of an “epilogue” to tie up loose ends.

On top of that, now I have to go and fill in all the place markers I wrote past. As I mentioned earlier, there was a lot of this sort of thing:

As Heather looked down the shaft, she saw [PUT DESCRIPTION OF SHAFT ASSEMBLY HERE] with the professor at the bottom. [INSERT DIALOGUE HERE EXPLAINING WHAT IS GOING ON]

But I think this will be about 100-110k of words when done. Stay on target…