I took a few days off to cool down after our protagonist went crazy. She’s better now. Well, no she’s not. She’s been through a lot. I have been there with her. I spent some of this weekend just cleaning around my writing area, which was a huge mess of dust and papers. I needed to rest from the book, but by last night, I was back to writing again. I went through and fleshed out some stuff with notes that say something like:

Heather sat on the edge of her bed and cried. A lot. [put some stuff about self-reflection here questioning her motives, then at some point Anna will speak to her and make sure she’s conflicted due to the steampunk taco truck* and… well, make the story flow from this sentence to the next paragraph]

Then I massively re-wrote the very last chapter I had worked on. Completely altered it. Which meant I had to go back and alter some stuff in earlier chapters.

Now I am just tired. I’ll probably get to write more this week, and hope to reach the 100k mark by Friday. I might actually be ALMOST done by that point, as the book is about 85% to the resolution as it stands now. At this rate, the alpha version may be done by the end of October. Then a revision. Then some serious proofreading, a rest period, and then another re-reading and revision before I send it out to beta readers for December.

Right now I have a good feeling about the book. It’s rough, no doubt about that. Needs some serious editing. But I want to get the book DONE and then edit it.

I attended SuperArtFight on Friday night, where I was introduced as “the guy who wrote the fan fic,” but Chris Impink. “I am scared of you!” shouted Ross. And Bryan. Nice to be recognized, fellas. 😀

*PS: Sorry, there is no steampunk taco truck; I stole that from a SuperArtFight.