I am taking a break from writing for a few days. Yesterday, I had a flame-out because I just wrote so much, so intensely, and it was all really kind of disturbing. I had to take a mental health break. But I think I’ll be writing again this weekend, and maybe cross 85k unless I decided to go into “slash and burn” edit mode again. The big news is I have started to go ahead and start looking for potential cover art. I have a few artist friends to choose from, but I want to get the feel right. A webcomic artist would be better for a Punk Walrus story for example, but not so much for dramatic steampunk horror. While researching one person, another popped up. I am glad to give some of my fellow artists work. I can’t draw worth squat, as evidence by my last Punk Walrus book. I also got three potential Beta readers.

Balticon Podcasts are on hold. I have written for episode 44.96, and I am awaiting 44.97, but Paul has had some “lifetus interruptus” that has prevented a meetup for recording, or him composing a new interview. He’s also trying to work out details with two other people to do intros for him, so we’ll have a more well-rounded team.

Tonight, I’ll be at SuperArtFight in downtown Baltimore where I’ll be cheering along Chris Impink along with a bunch of friends.