No, not scared at word count, I just wrote some disturbing things where a someone tortures someone else by… well, just read it.

Mack turned and saw Heather standing over her. She wanted to scream at her, but then didn’t want to give Heather the satisfaction. “What are you doing here?”

Heather tore aside Mack’s bangages and dug her fingernails deep into her burn wounds. Mack squealed in pain. “You like feeling that? You like that, Mack Anna Demure Van Horn? Or whatever name you fucking try to hide under?”

“Just go away,” Mack whimpered. But she knew Heather wouldn’t.

… and then there’s this…

Mack found she could pull free of her chains, and as she sat up on the stone table, she saw a hideous, bloated, giant monstrosty slowly ooze from the crack in the wall like a gelatin dessert slowly collapsing into the room.

Mack held up her hand. Lectromag shot from her palm, and seared into the flesh of the creature, rupturing the skin where impossible waves of knotted and slimy gore poured from the unraveling wound. Where the entrails hit the floor, fire erupted, which spead quickly in the trolley gas, turning the dark green light into flickering orange and red.

I am going to need therapy after this, you guys.