I am not sure how alarmed I should be, but I have been writing in this story so intensely, I am starting to see the world and characters in my head when I close my eyes. There’s this point when I wonder how “steam punk” this really is from a fresh reader’s perspective since I focus more on the story than I do the actual mechanics. I never liked reading Tom Clancy for the same reason; “Hunt for the Red October” was as dry as my college textbook in Pascal theory. I want to avoid this sort of this:

“Heather pulled back the clutch and released the drive shaft from its u-shaped moorings. The worm gear spun free as she gently lowered the conical gear into a toothed rack, starting the main gears which housed a turnbuckle assembly, made possible by the block and tackle belt mount that tightened the second she pushed the clutch back into place. As the engine started to push forward, she kept her eye on the needles of the boiler pressure gauges, knowing that a shift into the red was common when the main gears engaged, but they would dip down to green once the inertia regulated the speed of the juggernaut that shuddered –“

Man, I fell asleep writing that. I mean, there will be SOME tech, but I’d like to keep it interesting.

“Heather nodded at the command, and pulled back the clutch. Her toes turned white from the strain as she made the first change into forward gear and then released the clutch. The main gears engaged with a deep metallic thump, starting the engine with a sharp lurch as the juggernaut started to move forward. She mopped the sweat from her brow and saw the walls of the cave slowly start to pass by her.”

I mean, dang, I know how all my tech works, but I won’t be all gamer-stats about it. Besides, the more tech give, the more likely I’ll get this sort of comment:

“Technically, a block and tackle design won’t work on a fan belt. See my diagram…”

Up yours. This is steampunk fantasy. Also, this weekend, I had my own massive edit party. I was at 61k words, and said, “I’ll be lucky with all this chopping, cutting, pasting, and re-arranging if I am over 55k.” When I was done? My word count was 62k. Yeah, I am gonna need an editor, I am afraid…