I might have crossed 50k last night, but I had to do a lot of cutting. I had some scenes that were superfluous, or didn’t really go anywhere or add anything to the plot or imagery. One of the things I have to be careful of is not to overdraw my world like I am some Game Master boring his players. Last thing my readers want to see was a paragraph or two about how delicately quilted a stagecoach seat is. I also did lot of this:

Chapter 5: I need to finally explain about this group of famous people that play heavily in the story.
Chapter 2: You already did.
Chapter 5: Oh, I had forgotten. I am now several paragraphs shorter.
Chapter 2: And lost about half an hour of writing time making a redundant premise.
Chapter 5: Shut up.

According to Wikipedia, I cease becoming a novella at around 50k words. I’d say that this will be done at about 100-150k, and I feel like I am about a third of the way through.

Also, I got to hear the Balticon Podcast I am in (episode 44.95, up any day now). Paul did a really good job making me sound better and more professional. I can hear some of my mistakes; I need to stop being so intense and relax. You can hear I have recent asthma issues. I have written the stuff for 44.96 (with Paulo Bacigalupi), and I will get the interview for 44.97 tonight. Hopefully, Paul and I can get the podcast back on a 2-week cycle. He’s got like 50-60 hours worth of interviews in the can spanning back to Balticon 41, which is about 4 years at this point. He’s also gotten an offer of assistance from two other Podcasters, so it won’t just be me and him.

I have to say, some of these interviews are really, really good. Not only does Paul (Fischer) ask some useful questions, but some of the writers he interviews have excellent advice and anecdotes. They are very helpful for anyone aspiring to be an author.

I have to add, though, I hope he doesn’t interview another person named Paul for a while. Last week, it was Paul Melko, this week Paulo Bacigalupi. I hate having to say which Paul I am talking about in a post.