So I wrote and recorded my intros and bumpers at the lovely Dancing Cat studios, where I was wined and dined by the lovely Paul and Martha. I was also entertained by ERF, who told me, repeatedly, that she was eating with her own fork. I am not an expert in fork use, but I think she did better than some gamers I have met.

I learned some things. First, I hate the sound of my own voice. Actually, I already knew that, but I had forgotten. Other people seem to like my voice and constantly suggest I do voiceover or announcing work for radio. When I point out I do emcee work, they pause, looked a little uncomfortable, and say, “I mean… RADIO work. Where people can’t see your face.” [rim shot] No, they don’t ever say that last part, at least to my face, because it has been known to scare off livestock. [laugh track] But seriously folks, try the buffet. The second thing I learned was that I need to supply my own Mountain Dew and water. Possibly throat lozenges. The third thing I learned, and I forgot this from my Rocky Horror days, take a few hits on my Albuterol before I do long voice work. Even though I recorded maybe 5-10 minutes at most, I was winded from projecting my voice clearly. Mumbling saves a lot of breath, apparently.

The Podcast will be up in a couple of days. Also, I did some voice bumpers using AT&T automated IVR from the “Indian English Tech Support” package (“Anjali v2,” for those who have access to that package). I hope Paul uses some of those.