First, I didn’t write this, but I love it. A short story about “When was the last time you saw a human?”

Next, I crossed 35,000 words for Trolley. Now I am going back and fleshing out the seven chapters I have written so far to respect continuity. I hope this will only take about 100k and 20 some-odd chapters or so before I am ready to put out a beta, get an editor, and then publish before Katsucon in February if I can. i really, really want to have this done by Balticon!

Speaking of Balticon, I record my first Balticon Podcast tomorrow. I hope it goes up by this weekend. w00t!

And lastly, if you’re a roller derby fan, you can see me along with my assistant Scarlet there at the DC Armory this Saturday, October 2nd, doing security for the DC Rollergirls. It’s our season opener, and we just made the top ten in the WFTDA eastern Division. Yeah!