Plot has mostly been sketched out, but I don’t want to make it too rigid yet. One of my “good” characters went “bad,” which sometimes happens when I write.

I have a script in the can for the Balticon Podcast which has gotten a thumbs up from Paul Fischer. I wrote my intro, the author intro, some bumpers, a Balticon promo, and I get to announce the 2009 Compton Crook Award winner, Paul Melko (yes, we’re running a little behind). There’s the studio recording next week, plus some post-processing. I hope we can released it by Oct 1st (next Friday). Once we get a rhythm going, we hope to have a Podcast released twice a month. I haven’t asked yet, but I might get to do some interviews of my own at Balticon in 2010. Need to brush up on some interviewing skills.

Things are super busy this week with my life, so not as much writing got done as I would have hoped.