One of my dear friends and partner in IT crime, Paul Fischer, graciously invited me to help BaltiCon with their world famous PodCast!

We’re going to be working for the next few months on getting some of the past archives out, where yours truly will write and do some of the intros and voice-overs. Hooray! I am truly honored to be a part of this.

Later this year or sometime next year, I am going to try putting some of my own material up as well. I wrote a lot of skits in the last 20 years, and I have a few that are just begging to be used and turned into a … recording. You know, I have been asked why *I* don’t do a podcast, and honestly, I don’t have anything that another podcast doesn’t have or has been done to death. And as far as skits, well, I have about 2 hours worth. I don’t have much to bring to the table. I may do some reading, but in my world, a “podcast” is a regular series of shows. I can’t even keep all my blogs updated on a regular cycle.

But there you go! I’ll be in your ears one way or another, like a ceti eel…