I decided to have this blog have SOMETHING to give people besides me blowing my own horn. I put up some of the fiction snippets that have either been published and expired rights back to me, hadn’t been published, or in most cases, not even finished. This is so people know my style and such, and as a groveling thanks to my loyal readers who have seen me at conventions and such.

“Didn’t you say you wouldn’t blow your own horn??”

I REALLY APOLOGIZE FOR MY LACK OF EDITING SKILLS. I am dyslexic (well, that and dyspraxic since childhood), so while most spelling errors are fixed with modern spelling checkers, I humbly ask for forgiveness where I substitution words incorrectly, have unexplainable gaps sentences, or using poorly grammar rules, and you will even find words that don’t even exsitentionilze in modern Enlgish. Lit majors? Put neck muscles in full cringe protection!

Obligatory XKCD cartoon: