I have worked with software most of my career, so I tend to think of my writing as “release builds.”  When I mention something is in “Alpha” or “Final Beta” stages, here what I mean.

This is the stage where I am actually writing the book.  Sometimes I don’t even know how it’s going to end, and I am as exited about it as you are.  In a few cases, it’s the only reason I keep going.  I often feel I have to go in the direction of ther story’s flow, but sometimes I have to corral that back some.

This means I have most of the book done, or at the very least a beginning, middle, and end.  There may be massive gaps in the story, and the ending along with parts of the middle may change.

Final Alpha:
This means I have most of the book done.  At least 90% is written, and no major plot changes will occur anymore.  Sometimes I let the story sit for a bit while I think about it some more.

This means the book is ready to read by others.  Plot holes have been repaired or explained, and there are no more small notes to myself, “add some story here about the history of blue pants” after I am done.

Final Beta:
This means it’s ready for editing.  Pray for me.  Often the final Beta has to go through a few changes to accommodate some last minute changes due to plot confusion, spelling or grammar gaffes, and whatever the editor said was “improving.”

You should buy one and support me.  Sorry about all the mistakes that managed to slither through.